14th Annual Pandey Norbu Shedra: Distinguishing Phenomena from the Nature of Phenomena

with Khentrul Rinpoche

Katog Rit'hrod Mountain Retreat Center, Parthenon, Arkansas

October 8 - 23, 2016

One of the five great treatises of Maitreya, this teaching explores the difference between phenomena and their nature. 
'Phenomena' are the dualistic appearances that deluded samsaric beings perceive. The 'nature of phenomena' refers to the intrinsic nature of all phenomena of samsara and nirvana.  Their essence is empty while their nature is utterly lucid, the absolute nature of the way things are. 
This treatise is an important scriptural foundation for all Buddhist studies. As the basis for these teachings, Rinpoche will use a commentary by Mip'ham Rinpoche. Mip'ham Rinpoche emphasizes its value when he recalls this story, 

"When Shama Lotsawa Sengé Gyaltsen requested a translation of this scripture, his pandita stressed its importance, giving him only one page at a time with the words, 'Do not let these words go to waste. Due to its strict seal this is a rare scripture. If it were to disappear it would be as though the Lord Maitreya had passed away from this world!"

As alluded to here, the profound reality taught by this text is the definitive secret of view.

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